Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 14, 2012

Earning my maternity stripes

Don’t you love ordering clothes online. Waiting for them to arrive and hoping they look vaguely like they did onscreen, fit, and actually suit you. Of course, the bonus to doing this is having a tiny number of items to choose from and a body that’s actually changing overnight.

Yes, welcome to the world of buying maternity clothes. I’m a High Street girl, but I do love my wardrobe, so when I got pregnant I comforted myself with the thought that at least I no longer have to live in flowery tents for months on end. Or actually go into seclusion, Victorian-style.

What I hadn’t realised was that I’d have to live in stripes. I like stripes. I actually have quite an extensive collection of stripy non-maternity wear. I just didn’t know that this was basically my only choice.

But for some reason, maternity collections seem to focus around the same options. Some basic tops/vests in block colours (mostly black and white), some stripy tops, skinny jeans, leggings, black trousers, a couple of options in weird patterns straight from a building society uniform and sensible bras.

Go to Topshop, said my friends. So I did. The collection on the shelves stretched to about a dozen items, although I did come away with a jumper (stripy). Next and New Look have similar amounts (although I thank them both for my very comfy and not skinny jeans), and I’ve roamed Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Dorothy Perkins, Gap and H&M with similar lack of success. Marks & Spencer no longer stock any maternity-wear in store, according to the staff.

So it’s back to playing guess the dress size online, where at least there’s a slightly wider range – and points to Asos for having a lot of choice. Sadly, our little game of me ordering clothes, discovering they don’t fit, and sending them back, just seems to be costing me lots of postage.

Thankfully, most of the time I’m home alone in front of my laptop (jeans and one of my stripy top collection) or wandering around random cities (ditto) but if I do need to dress in something more professional or stylish for the evening, the cupboard is looking fairly bare – apart from a few much-needed items from Claire at Being a Mummy. It seems it’s not just me being fussy, with Henry’s Mother complaing about the same thing.

So, what am I missing?



  1. Thanks for the mention! There really is a gap in the market for this kind of thing. Online shopping just doesn’t work as clothes sizes go out the window when pregnant. Good luck with the hunt! Hope you find something better Xxx

    • Pleasure! Glad (and sorry) to see I’m not alone – found myself in a ‘normal’ clothes shop yesterday, hoping I’d find something to go over my bump. Not really a solution… Back to the internet and fingers crossed, I suppose. x

  2. I had lots of similar problems! The shops in sheffield which did stock maternity clothes were all the out of town ones which were a pain to get to. I found new look was best, but luckily borrowed a lot of clothes from a friend. Hope you have more luck soon!

    • Seems a lot of people are hitting similar problems – I think Gap and New Look are pretty much clothing me head to toe, although I have just got a new bag from a friend, so fingers crossed!

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