Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 20, 2012

Plan, plan and plan again

It’s the kind of research that makes me think my dream of carrying on travelling is just that – and I should wise up and resign myself to the occasional camping trip for the next decade.

Apparently 90% of parents are stressed out travelling with babies and young kids and think they need to be more organised, while around half are worried about what they need to pack when they travel, in a survey of 320 parents on

Top things to panic about – for 84% it’s keeping the kids entertained, six in 10 worry about flying at all, and nearly as many fret about organising baby gear, according to the research for PacaPod baby changing bags.

But before I whimper in a corner while cuddling my passport, there is one optimistic view from Alice Griffin, author of Tales from a Travelling Mum. ‘As parents we worry endlessly but from my experience, gained throughout five years of travel with my daughter via plane, train, bus and campervan, these worries are often unfounded.

‘A little organisation, a few travel games, parent interaction, plenty of snacks and friendly locals often keep little ones smiling and when it comes to meltdowns – they happen! A new country may be different to your own, but children are universal and what you forget, you can source!’

And one last word of wisdom – 45% of parents say the key to a successful family holiday is keeping a sense of humour. At least if I can’t get organised, I can look back and laugh…


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