Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 26, 2012

How to brighten a Monday morning

When I started this blog, I was mostly hoping I’d find a few interested readers (and obviously that one day it would make me an effort-free fortune. Ha). What I hadn’t quite expected was to be nominated for a BritMums BIBs award – that’s Brilliance in Blogging – after just a couple of weeks.

But when I headed online to vote for a few other fab blogs and bloggers of my acquaintace, I spotted my own name there. So after picking my jaw up off the floor and doing a small, excited, undignified dance, it was time to ask all the lovely people who read my blog (and your friends, relatives, people you’ve trapped in front of a computer) to vote for me in the Go category.

Go on, don’t make me beg. I will, and it’ll be even more undignified than the dance…



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