Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 29, 2012

Pack a nanny

As I count down to D-Day (delivery day) this summer, I’ve been pondering exactly what kind of paraphernalia I’ll be needing when I’m toting a baby as well as my passport. But packing a nanny hadn’t occurred to me.

More families are holidaying with their own parents, with 3.75 million grandparents heading along to help with childcare, according to Rias insurers, especially for parents how aren’t sure if they want to depend on crèches and kids clubs, which can be expensive and sometimes a letdown.

But if you don’t have grandparents on tap, or they’re off enjoying their own toddler-free trip, one company has come up with ‘My Travelling Nanny’, a temporary holiday nanny or extra helping pair of hands for around the pool and evening babysitting. They even include specialist swimming teachers, maternity and skiing nannies, all of whom undergo a series of checks.

And while it might sound a pricy solution, the prices start from £325 per week (based on 42 hours daytime and 12 hours babysitting) for an extra person to help, and £420 for a qualified nanny. For joint holidays with another family, you can also split the cost.

Would I use it? Only time will tell. But it’s certainly an interesting idea.


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