Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 30, 2012

The insulated pocket’s for wine, right?

I’ve never spent £200 on a bag in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever even been tempted (shoes now, that’s a different story). And if I won’t splash out on a suitcase or an everyday handbag, I’m unlikely to suddenly start for a changing bag – after all, it’s going to have nappies stuffed in it, and I’ve got a string of other things to spend my spare cash on.

Evidently I’m a bit unusual here, based on the price tags of half the changing bags out there. But unless they’re actually going to change the nappy for me (oh, please), I just can’t justify splashing even £100 on one, even if I will be carrying it around every day for months/years.

Discount all the cutesy pinkly floral ones, all the ones with ‘Yummy Mummy’ all over them (no, just no), and all the bargain basement scratchy black nylon ones – I may be watching the pennies, but I’d like something I’m happy to carry in public – and the choice shrinks even further.

Especially when I do want it to have things like insulated bottle holders, a pull-out changing mat, plenty of pockets, including a wet pocket for those nappies, be wipe clean, look good and have enough room to tote around all the baby kit I’ll need, but not so big it’s going to wreck my shoulder. Look, I didn’t say I wasn’t fussy.

Hopefully I’ve found the solution though: Family Tree’s Rosebud Hobo bag, £40 at Mothercare. There’s a bigger messenger bag version as well but living in London, I’d rather have something with a zip than a Velcro flap, and messenger bags just annoy me. Fussy. I know.

Only time will tell, but so far it seems to tick all the boxes – pockets galore inside, including two for bottles/food, one for a phone, a zipped one, wet ones, a changing mat, and a pocket with a clip for keys or dummies, plus it’s wipe clean with a funky bright apple tree print and even the flowery lining isn’t too twee.

Let’s hope so, as it’s probably the most research I’ve ever done into a bag, to the mild curiosity of one friend, who asked what really made a changing bag different from any other fairly capacious bag. ‘Ah,’ she said, after I rattled off my list of requirements, ‘the bottle holder is to keep the wine cool until afterwards, right?’

What a good idea…



  1. I have this bag! It’s pretty good in my experience- and not too girly so hubby can carry it around too! 🙂 Hope you find it useful too!

    • Fantastic – thanks! And definitely, I thought apple trees were a bit less girly than some of the ones out there too. Glad you’re finding it a good buy, only a few months until I get testing…

  2. Nice bag. I am not a fan of diaper bags, anything with diaper or mummy etc. are things I stay away from! I went through 3, I hated them all, and now I use a regular bag – go figure. It is all personal preference.

    • Thanks – absolutely, there were so many I really didn’t like, but fingers crossed, this is the kind of thing I’d happily carry in ‘real’ life.

  3. Really pretty choice without being too baby/cute. Hope the wine cooler works out for you 😉

    • Thanks – that’s what I was hoping. And might be being optimistic, but liking the images in my head! 😉

  4. Agree with you – most bags v naff. I’m using a beach bag which mostly does the trick – inside I have ‘sub-bags’ for nappies, food, spare clothes etc… Works for me – for now!

    • I suspect that’ll be my back-up plan. Although give me a big bag, and my natural inclination is to fill it…

      • Don’t worry – it will be full – regardless of size!

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