Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 30, 2012

Would you take your child out of school to travel?

Take your child out of school in term-time to travel and face large fines – or stick to the school holidays and face hugely inflated prices? I’m not quite at the stage of struggling that particularly knobbly dilemma, but it’s not one I’ve got an easy answer to either. Especially as I start calculating how one extra (small) person can turn a trip from bookable to bankruptcy.

Families are already looking for cunning solutions to the high cost of holidays, according to a survey by Takethefamily, with 22% switching to all-inclusive trips, 20% sticking to the UK rather than heading overseas, and 18% saying they could only afford to go during the school term.

And about the only people benefiting are campsite owners, with nearly half of parents expecting to camp in future, compared to just over a third who’ve camped during the past two years.

So it’s not that surprising that new figures have shown absences during term-time, due to holiday, are up for the second year in a row, and more parents have been issued with fines.

The website’s solution? Stagger the school holidays – it helps avoid peak weeks and even out prices, plus you get the benefit of less crowded destinations (and motorways and airports). It’s not foolproof – what if you have kids in two different schools or areas, who end up with different holidays? But 59% thought it had to be worth a try. Do you agree?


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