Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 4, 2012

Travel things I like: Bausch + Lomb Biotrue flight pack contact lens solution

Without my glasses, I’m as blind as a particularly myopic rhino, if not an actual bat. I once strode confidently out of the sea (sans specs) towards my friends, only to discover as I finally got within squinting range that I was bearing down on a group of complete strangers. Unsurprisingly, once I discovered contact lenses, I haven’t looked back.

Especially when I’m travelling. There’s no faffing around with prescription sunglasses, or switching one pair to another as you wander in out of the sun. And as another undersold bonus, contact lenses don’t leave you with a sweaty nose.

But since security regulations have meant that you can’t take more than a dribble of liquid in your hand luggage, contact lens solution has always been a bit awkward. The standard monthly supply is way too big, decanting it isn’t the most sterile solution (and eye infections are worse than glasses) but if your luggage goes AWOL, you’ve got to hunt for a substitute. Once, courtesy of Air France’s inability to get me and my bag to the same place, I even had to buy lens solution in Madagascar – not the easiest purchase, and phenomenally expensive.

Yet somehow no-one seemed to fill the gap. So my second hurrah goes to Bausch + Lomb for their take on board flight pack, particularly the Biotrue version.

With two 60ml bottles, it’s fine for your seethrough plastic bag, plus there’s two lens cases, and the solution is designed to keep eyes feeling good for up to 20 hours, as it’s the same pH of tears, with a lubricant that you find naturally in the eye. All very useful on long journeys. And at £6.75, it’s not eye-wateringly expensive.

Available from Boots and opticians, with more info at

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