Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 5, 2012

Trouble-free transfer

There’s nothing worse than landing at an unfamiliar destination and realising you’ve forgotten to check how to get to your hotel. Throw in a couple of tired kids who’ve had enough of travelling and I suspect it’s even less fun.

So a company that focuses on getting you from airport to resort is certainly worth looking at – especially if you book Holiday Transfers from the departure lounge.

And while they operate transfers worldwide, the best deals seem to come for the main Mediterranean resorts, especially Spain, Portugal, Turkey and the Canary Islands, as well as Egypt’s Red sea. Private transfers are available, or you can cut the costs even further with a shuttle service.

Of course, the big package companies will provide their own transport, and if you’re looking to travel outside the main resorts, it could work out cheaper to get a taxi – although if you’re travelling further off the beaten track, you probably don’t mind making your own way anyway.

But if you’ve got a trip coming up, the company is offering free transfers to all children from 10 different airports in the Canary Islands, Menorca and Egypt during the Easter holidays. Which could mean a few more pennies to spend on the holiday itself.

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