Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 7, 2012

Disneyland Paris on the doorstep – sort of

Good news for parents planning to travel to Disneyland Paris – another flight route could be on the cards, to Paris-Vatry-Disney sirport. Until, that is, you look a bit closer at the route… which turns out to be over 90 miles from Paris, and 70 miles from Disneyland itself.

Yes, it’s another Ryanair special. (And I should declare here that I try to avoid flying Ryanair wherever possible, as poking hot pins into my eyes seems a more fun way to spend my time). The low-cost airline is running three routes from Marseille, Porto and Stockholm (or nearish Stockholm) and could be looking at starting flights from Britain if they’re popular, according to the Independent.

There is, of course, a connecting shuttle bus for Paris, which set off a mere six hours before your plane and is apparently scheduled to take four hours. Speedy…

And there’s the budget price-tag to tempt. Until you start adding in all the inevitable extra costs for baggage, booking charges and so on.

By which time, I suspect most people will have given up on the idea, and found a much better solution – taking the direct train with Eurostar.


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