Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 9, 2012

Sweet dreams on holiday

As I get to know far more about what 4.30am feels like that I want to, I can take a tiny amount of comfort in knowing I’m not alone. Around three-quarters of UK working adults get less than eight hours sleep per night (and not all of them have bumps and babies to blame).

So the chance to relax on holiday, and catch up on a bit of snoozing, has to be high up the list. Ah, except you’ve got to factor in jetlag, unfamiliar rooms and all kinds of exotic reasons why you might not nod off.

Luckily sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows, has teamed up with Kuoni to come up with some tips, in advance of his next Sleep School at La Source in Grenada this June.

1. Limit your jetlag – jet lag is worse heading eastwards so prepare your body clock by going to bed and getting up an hour earlier a few days beforehand. This means that when you arrive at your destination your body clock will already be synced to the local time.

On board
2. Re-set your brain – When you get on the plane set your watch to the local time to start preparing your brain for the time change, and make sure you try to sleep or stay awake according to when you land.

3. Tune in your body – adjust your body clock to the local time zone by immediately getting out into the sunlight, eating, socialising and sleeping all at the local time.

4. Relax – if sleep does not come straight away, enjoy the rest that you get from simply lying in bed calm and relaxed. Take a moment to notice the comfort of your bed, the warmth of your body, the movement of your breath and the gentle goings on of your mind.

5. The time is now – Make time to be in the present moment whilst on holiday, rather than worrying about the past or imagining the future. You will only be on this holiday once and so make the most of it by indulging in your senses from the warmth of the sand between your toes to the smell of flowers and the sound of bird song.


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