Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 10, 2012

Familiarity breeds content

Whenever I plan a trip, I like to head somewhere new. There’s so much world I haven’t explored yet (even if I’ve ticked off over 50 countries, there’s still more than 140 to go) that I don’t like to revisit the same ground. But it seems I’m in a minority.

Nearly two-thirds of Brits have gone back to the same holiday resort more than once, with more than one in 10 returning six times or more.

It’s not just a case of taking the easy option – nearly half the people surveyed by RCI said it was because they had a good time, so they went back to do it again. Over a quarter said they didn’t see why they’re go somewhere else if they’d already found somewhere they liked, and 12% decided it was less stressful knowing exactly what to expect.

Now I’m less convinced by the first arguments (not least because trying to recreate a great holiday isn’t simply a matter of going to the same resort) but I’ve got some sympathy with the second.

As I try to get my head around all the variables involved in travelling with a baby – and even in just having a baby – I can see why you’d be tempted to travel somewhere if you know they’ve got all the family-friendly options you need. Or at least you know whether there’s shops nearby, how to find the best beach, what the facilities are.

But then again, there’s the relief of knowing what you’re going to find, and falling into a rut. 43% revealed they tended to do the same thing each time, 30% went back to the same places to eat and drink, and a far from experimental 12% order the same meal. And beach towels at the ready – one in 20 will sit and wait to make sure they get their usual spot on the beach or by the pool. Deary deary me.



  1. Oh now I recognise this scenario, with my parents it was a case of “we know what we like…so we’re heading back there!” It still is – Tenerife is the favourite with Cyprus thrown in for good measure and closer to home, Tenby and New Quay in Wales. Funnily enough I love those places too. Part of me yearns for more adventure, but a bigger part says ‘oi, let’s go and have a rest somewhere we know we’ll like.’ It’s definitely a boring option but I think I prefer ‘tried and tested’ with my girls.

    • It may well be what the future holds for me! My parents did a variation on the theme – they found a company they liked and booked through them practically every year, but we went to different parts of France. And lots and lots of North Wales (which I loved, my brother was put off castles for about a decade)

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