Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 23, 2012

Suddenly it becomes real

The midwife gave me a Paddington Bear-style hard stare. ‘Do not go anywhere without your notes from now on,’ she said, nodding towards the thick wodge of paperwork I’ve been hauling to every hospital and doctor’s appointment.

Having discovered that I’d merrily flown off to the Azores without them (I forgot! Honest), her gaze got even steelier. ‘Don’t leave London without them,’ she added. ‘In fact, take them to work with you. And don’t leave them in the car overnight. We’ve had notes getting stolen before now.’

The repercussions of losing your notes weren’t spelled out, but they were obviously dire. At least I didn’t have to worry about taking them to work (as they live in my home office) – but having hammered the message home, it suddenly started to hit me. My due date might be in July, but babies are renowned for following their own timetables, with only around 5% making an appearance bang on 40 weeks. And while 80% come within two weeks of the due date, that means one in five don’t…

I did risk a note-free visit to north London, but when I venture to Cheltenham next month for babymoon part 2 I’ll make sure they’re coming with me.

And now I’ve got none of that pesky overseas travel to distract me, I should really get everything else sorted. Yes, that means expect another buggy post some time soon…


Image: Daniel Y. Go/Flickr



  1. Cheltenham babymoon sounds nice, I’m from there! Hope you’re keeping well, sounds like you’re a busy bee!

    • Hope so! Looking forward to it (just a couple of weeks time). And definitely, trying to pack everything in before I have to stop… 🙂

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