Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 24, 2012

The voices of doom

It was the instant assumption that I’d have to stop travelling when I had my baby that sparked the idea for this blog. So I suppose I should be used to the voices of doom announcing that once you’re a parent, life as you know it is over.

But it’s amazing what people seem compelled to share with me on a daily basis – a fact I was reminded of by this fantastic Mindful Mum post on things a pregnant woman does not want to hear.

Apart from the horrific birth stories that people somehow think you’ll be desperate to hear (no, I don’t want to know if your best friend’s cousins mate needed a life-saving blood transfusion or was in excruciating pain for five days, thank you) and surprised comments like ‘you’ve grown’ (yes, this is fairly common in pregnancy), it’s the constant negatives which I’m struggling with.

Mention you’re tired or sleeping badly, and someone is guaranteed to tell me this is only the beginning. The end of sleep. For ever. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that babies don’t wake you constantly and small children don’t get up early, but when I’m already sleep-deprived and tetchy, I don’t need to be told I’ll never manage more than a 10-minute nap until I’m 50.

And according to one helpful observer, who spotted me sitting down eating a biscuit, I should enjoy this while I can, as there’ll be no time for biscuits after the baby’s born. I’ve checked this with parents of my acquaintance, and none of them have actually come across the post-baby biscuit ban, so I think I’m fairly safe on the chocolate digestive front though.

If it’s all such doom, gloom, suffering and pain, it makes you wonder why anyone has children. Thankfully another friend, mum to a one-year-old and equally committed traveller, reminded me it’s not bad news as her face lit up while she described having the chance to play for an hour, completely guilt-free with her son.

So yes, I know things are going to change. I know there’ll be days when it’s indescribably hard. But next time you see a pregnant woman, please don’t make it sound like parenting is a prison sentence. Especially one without biscuits.


Image: Daniel Y. Go/Flickr



  1. Yes, as much as babies do occupy your time so you don’t sleep, have time to eat, or even pee with the bathroom door shut, it’s all worth it. Our little guy can now occupy himself for 20 minutes at a time now so I can workout or do dishes WHILE he plays right next to me.

    • Thanks – good to get some upsides! 😉

  2. Cant wait to see your post baby report! For all the sleeplessness etc you will find time to eat enormous bars of Dairy Milk. Seriously, I have never experienced such highs and lows as I do with being a mum, but somehow its also the best thing that has happened to me and I am sure you will feel the same. Who needs sleep and a tidy house anyway! 🙂

    • Very true – I might be completely changing my tune by August. And that’s lovely to hear. I think some people focus so much on the lows, they forget to remember the highs (and the huge amounts of Dairy Milk…) 😀

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