Posted by: MummyTravels | Apr 27, 2012

Family adventures

It’s been an optimistic few days for my plans of travelling with baby – since despairing of the voices of doom, I’ve had a few mums contact me to tell me of their trips, including a flight to New Zealand and Seattle.

And now Black Tomato, one of my favourite adventurous tour operators, have noticed that more families than ever are looking for exciting getaways abroad rather than bucket and spade holidays. (Not that I mind a bit of bucket and spade action too.)

While one in six of their clients were travelling with children in 2011, that’s jumped to 1 in four this year – and while the destinations tend to be geared towards older children than newborns, I like the sound of this trend.

There’s the educational trips like the chance to reach a magma chamber of a sleeping volcano in Iceland, only accessible for six weeks this summer, or seeing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, before staying at a family-friendly lodge in Tanzania

And there’s the active getaway, with tours to new destination Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, where you can aqua hike, or learning to surf in Costa Rica (yes please!).

Perhaps I should start saving now…


Image: Courtesy of Black Tomato


  1. I studied in La Réunion in it is indeed amazing. With Mauritius just a 30 minute plane ride away, it’s very easy to cover both. Just waiting on my son to turn in to a better traveller and we’ll be off.

  2. It does sound fantastic – so far I’ve only been to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, but Reunion grabs me more than Mauritius or the Seychelles (not that I’d say no to a free holiday at either…)

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