Posted by: MummyTravels | May 1, 2012

Play time around the world

A third of children can’t play hopscotch and 42% have never made a daisy chain, according to Play England research, while the National Trust  is encouraging kids to climb trees and investigate rockpools. So a new book with suggestions for games while you travel looks like it’s come in the nick of time.

The Holiday Playbook, free to download from family travel specialists Western & Oriental has got everything from ways to entertain on the plan, including airplane bingo, to games for on the beach like flipflop tag, as well as suggestions for rainy days.

And even more fun, there’s a section on exotic games inspired by the company’s holiday destinations – perfect to help your family make friends if you are travelling further afield. Fancy your chances at traditional Thai game Dern Kala, where players tie empty coconut shells to their feet with string and race along the beach to the finish line.,

Or Gilli Danda from India is a bit like cricket or rounders but played with two sticks instead of a bat and ball, while Jamaican Dandy Shandy sees the player in the middle of a circle jump and leap to avoid being hit by the soft ball. Or Colorinas from Mexico involves throwing and catching small pebbles or beans.

As author Josie Curran points out, ‘Whether it’s a chance to bury Dad in the sand, challenge mum at skimming stones, or spend a happy evening playing family card games as the sun goes down, family fun doesn’t have to cost money – just a little time and inspiration.’


Image: ubarchives/Flickr


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