Posted by: MummyTravels | May 1, 2012

Travel things I like – FitFlops

I am not a fan of sensible shoes. I own one pair of heels that frankly scares me, and am still wearing heels at nearly 30 weeks pregnant (faintly sensible chunky and not-too-high ones admittedly). But when you’re travelling, sometimes you do need one pair of footwear which does almost anything. Enter my trusty FitFlops.

I’ve been a convert for years, and while even the classic Walkstars are £40, I’ve worn every pair I’ve owned until they’re all but falling off my feet, which can’t be said for most of my shoe collection. My current favourites are an Anna Sui limited edition Fiorella style from a couple of years ago – with the traditional flipflop between-the-toes style and some white punched leather flowers. Originally £75, you can still find the occasional pair online or the new Fleur style, £70, is similar.

And they’re perfect for travel. As comfy as the main FitFlop range, the moulded base is great when you’re walking a lot (but, eg, around a city where you don’t need proper hiking boots) and the support has been fantastic while I’ve been pregnant. I live in them around the house, and I’m just hoping the weather gets better fast, so I can wear them out before too long.

Plus the decoration means they’re pretty enough for the evening, unless you’re going somewhere really glam – a theory I put to the test in the Cayman Islands, when my left foot inexplicably hurt in everything I owned apart from the FitFlops. Later diagnosed with metatarsalgia (two small bones trapping the nerve in my foot), they were the only things which didn’t make me squeal in pain.

Cayman’s fairly laid-back but these and a maxidress were perfect for nights out as well as great for wandering round sight-seeing, and slipping on and off on a boat.

The new collection also has cross-foot options if you’re not a fan of toe-posts, as well as an ever growing range of trainers, shoes and boots. And they’re all designed to tone up your legs and bum at the same time. The only question is which style I get next.


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