Posted by: MummyTravels | May 9, 2012

When budget isn’t always low-cost

Having flown on a string of low-cost airlines, I’ve had plenty of experience of frill-free flights. But at least you get what you pay for, right? Well, it seems not. Flying with a budget carrier costs £29 more per seat on average, according to new research – or £116 for the average family.

The study, by price comparison website looked at prices from 10 airlines over four routes, based on a family of four flying – two adults, a child and an infant. And while the low-cost airlines seemed to live up to their name if you glanced at the basic price, it wasn’t always such a bargain once you’d added in the extras.

Count up all the hidden surcharges for baggage, seat reservations, admin and priority boarding to ensure you sit together (standard on a national carrier), and it was the non-budget airlines which came out best, costing £87 less per booking on average.

And unsurprisingly Ryanair and EastJet were the worst offenders when it came to the difference between the ‘basic’ price and the actual. EasyJet ended up 92% more expensive and Ryanair a whopping 166% more if you looked at the real cost.

Most of the price was for checking in luggage – but despite spending all the extra cash, you’d still have less baggage with Ryanair than Lufthansa on a sample flight to Berlin.

So if you’re travelling with the family, maybe it’s time to say bye bye to budget and opt for a cheaper, more enjoyable experience with one of the major airlines…


Image: hddod/Flickr


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