Posted by: MummyTravels | May 10, 2012

How to make a very pregnant woman jump for joy

At seven months pregnant, there’s not now a lot that will make me jump up and down with unabandoned glee – not even metaphorically, let alone literally. Apparently, being named one of the finalists in the MAD Blog Awards Family Travel category will do it though!

After 52,000 nominations for a total of 3,000 blogs, the five finalists for each of the 20 award categories were announced today. And among the 77 celebrating blogs is! I’ve loved writing the blog so far, and I’m even happier that the people reading it seem to be getting a kick out of it as well.

A huge, excitable thank-you to everyone who nominated me. Needless to say, you’ll all know what’s coming next – voting is open until 5pm on June 6, so if you’ve enjoyed the blog so far, do click this link and vote for me to win (family travel’s the second option on the list…). I promise eternal gratitude and more baby and travel-related ponderings in future.

Image: jonathanrchang/Flickr



  1. Congrats!

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