Posted by: MummyTravels | May 11, 2012

Things I like: Vitabiotics Pregnacare range

Although I don’t believe in taking so many vitamins that I rattle, I’ve popped a daily multivitamin to top up my not-too-bad-but-could-be-better diet for years. So when it came to pregnancy – both before and during, I wasn’t about to stop supplementing, especially given how vital folic acid is when you’re trying to conceive.

But I did want to make sure I wasn’t over-supplementing. Too much even of a good thing will do harm, especially Vitamin A during pregnancy. So the Vitabiotics Pregnacare range made things beautifully simple. Everything’s balanced, so you’re taking the right amount, all the essentials are in and there’s even research which showed that Pregnacare Conception helped women undergoing IVF to conceive. The strips are even easy to throw into a bag.

There’s a His & Hers Conception version (after all, it’s not just women who need to consider this), plus Pregnacare Original, Max and Plus for during pregnancy – the latter two also come with Omega 3 DHA capsules.

And there’s even options for after the baby’s born, one designed if you’re breastfeeding (with calcium, and vitamins D3 and K to help during milk production) and a New Mum version, to help you keep your energy up and boost skin and hair health – well, just because you feel knackered, doesn’t mean you have to look it.

Prices start from £5.35 for 30 tablets, available from supermarkets, chemists and Keep an eye out for two for one offers as well.


Image courtesy of Vitabiotics


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