Posted by: MummyTravels | May 13, 2012

Hiring a hassle-free family holiday

Since I’ve started pondering ahead to family travel, and all the paraphernalia it might involve, I’ve been interested in the various companies hiring baby and toddler kit as an alternative. So I’ve made a mental note of Siblu Villages – the new name for Haven Europe – which has started adding a hire service for essentials to its holidays

Instead of trying to take everything with you, you can opt for paying a nightly charge on everything from buggies (£3) and high chairs (£2) to travel cots (£2), baby baths (£1) and beach tents (£2) at the 14 holiday villages across France.

As well as the bigger items, the hire system includes games packs for £3 per night, and other general useful family items like towels for £12 per person and food packs for £30, although you might decide it’s worth bringing your own for these especially if you drive to one of the camp sites in northern France.

With warm toddler pools, watched by lifeguards, and free children’s clubs for one to four-year-olds (as well as options for older siblings), there’s certainly plenty of thought into taking the stress out of trips though.

Image: sean dreilinger/Flickr


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