Posted by: MummyTravels | May 15, 2012

Polished and pampered – Rose Hydrating Cocoon spa treatment

As I start the countdown towards the final months of pregnancy, I’ve definitely noticed myself getting a bit slower, tireder and generally wanting a bit more TLC. So I’ve been trying to squeeze in the occasional mum-to-be treatment on my travels – most recently in the spa at The Montpellier Chapter hotel, in Cheltenham.

Tucked away underneath the hotel, the spa’s only small, but with the kind of quirky touches that run throughout the hotel – oval rooms with wood panels, which made me feel faintly cocooned, and a mix of classical music and natural sounds, rather than the wailing pan-pipes you sometimes find.

So I was already feeling relaxed when my therapist started the Rose Hydrating Cocoon treatment. Although I rarely say no to a massage, I liked the fact that this was more of a body treatment. Using Aromatherapy Associates products, almost everything was Rose Damask-based, mostly with hydrating Evening Primrose, and some neroli – and despite being a bit wary of overpowering florals that make me sneeze, the rose was subtle enough not to bother me.

The treatment starts with an all-over body scrub using olive pit grains and a rose body wash, before a quick pitstop in the room’s shower to wash it off – leaving my skin feeling fantastically smooth, and surprisingly moisturised.

After that, there’s a rose gel, followed up by a blend of cream and oil to intensively nourish – and while I was wrapped in towels to let it soak in, I got a head massage as well (opting for the dry version rather than an oil, as I knew I’d be stuck with backcombed oily locks for hours otherwise, no matter how beneficial).

The adjustable couch meant I didn’t have to keep shifting onto one side, as she could raise and lower the back to get to my back, as well as keeping my slightly propped up, so I didn’t have to lie completely flat. And while I chose to have my bump included, she was ultra-gentle, and happy to avoid the area if I’d wanted.

By the end, I was far too chilled out to keep up the conversation with my therapist, who had two kids of her own and was reassuringly knowledgeable about what was being used and why. Just a shame I hadn’t left myself more time to doze in the relaxation room afterwards.


Disclaimer: My treatment was courtesy of the hotel

Image: Jacob Whittaker/Flickr


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