Posted by: MummyTravels | May 16, 2012

Snort out loud pregnancy advice

Some pregnancy advice books are helpful, some are guilt-inducing, some go into terrifying and overwhelming amounts of detail, and half of them contradict the other half. But so far, only one has made me laugh out loud so many times that my husband asked what on earth I was reading.

What Not To Expect When You’re Expecting, by Guardian columnist Zoe Williams, is frankly hilarious – as well as drawing on her careful research, and stubborn tenacity in trying to get sensible answers from professionals in an area often dominated by emotion.

When else would different health agencies confidently state you can drink 10 units, 1-2 units and no units of alcohol per week, as well as the faintly dissuading arguments about epidurals, usually based on limited concrete evidence.

And in between all the genuinely useful information is a down-to-earth retelling of her own two pregnancies, including a list of the various arguments she had with her partner (helpful when you’ve just snarled at your own for something inconsequential – and for proving that things could be worse).

As I’ve still got a couple of months of pregnancy to go, I’ve had some forewarning of some of what I might be able to expect post-birth – competitive comparisons between babies, scheduling mothers and hugger mothers (ie Gina Ford vs the world), and why to be ever-vigilant when your baby’s around anything from sugar to swim woggles.

If you’re looking for a week-by-week breakdown of pregnancy, this isn’t the right book (but then there’s plenty of those anyway). If you’re looking for something that’s honest, informative, intermittently angry about the things that infuriate most pregnant women, and so funny it’s possible it might bring on labour, I’d say get your order in now.

Published on June 7, 2012, priced £7.99.


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