Posted by: MummyTravels | May 18, 2012

I’m only in it for the apps…

I’ve officially gone over to the dark side. Just baby steps so far, but after years of resolutely being faithful to my BlackBerry (my trusty companion, as anyone who’s read some of my other posts will know), I’ve been seduced into the world of Apple.

Despite a long-running debate with my husband about whose phone is best – he has an iPhone that’s equally glued to his side – I still don’t think it beats the BlackBerry for work, especially email, unlike Apple’s touchscreen keyboard which reduces me to a sausage-fingered incompetent.

But apart from social media apps, and a few other useful odds and ends, the BlackBerry is frankly useless when it comes to all those exciting added extras. And with baby magazines full of useful, helpful apps, I finally started to snap (obviously parents have successfully managed to raise babies for millennia without the help of technology, but they’ve also done it without the help of epidurals, and I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth).

So with my birthday coming up, and some umming and aahing about presents, I got unexpectedly treated to an early gift of an iPod (the BlackBerry is safe from iPhones for now). After loading up a string of useful favourites, from the Kindle app to eBay, WordPress and Dropbox, I’ve been trawling through the squillions of baby apps to choose from.

Spoiled for choice hardly begins to cover it. So before I spend all my nappy money on useful apps, what are your favourites? Any must-haves? Any that are a complete waste of money or memory space? Now excuse me while I fire up the eBay app to buy my new toy a case…


Image: simonok/Flickr


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