Posted by: MummyTravels | May 20, 2012

Beautiful Buggy Walks – where to stroll with your stroller

One of the great pleasures of travel is taking a wander around your destination – maybe not a walk anywhere specific, but just heading out to explore. And that’s the same whether you’re discovering the back streets in a city or the best countryside along the coast. So what happens when you’re planning this with someone who’s not walking yet (or isn’t about to tramp for miles).

So new book Beautiful Buggy Walks is a clever new idea if you’re planning to head out with the family – and even has the toddler seal of approval from two-year-old Harry, son of the author Richard Happer.

There’s not only something for every taste, from Cornwall’s clifftops to Northumberland’s moorland, a river-side trail in Exmoor  to the Backs in Cambridge, plus beach, stately home and more, all of which has been tested to ensure it’s ‘buggyable’ and you won’t suddenly be confronted by an unexpected stile, or impassable stretch.

And while some of the 50 routes across England are only suitable for all-terrain pushchairs, there’s a key to show whether you can get around in a standard buggy as well, plus the approximate time it’ll take, dad facts to entertain the kids as you walk (maybe), and a string of useful facts so you don’t get caught out en route.

There’s even tips on family-friendly places to eat and drink, plus decent toilets and nappy changing facilities, as well as a helpful suggestion to pack flapjacks along with food and drink for your children. Who can argue with that?

Beautiful Buggy Walks costs £16.95, published by Punk Publishing.



  1. Hi – love this post – thanks for the heads up on the book. Will have to check it out. I am a new mum of one who also enjoys walking and am working on a similar project myself trying to hunt out good walks for those with babies: . Trouble is although there are some great buggy walks, you really need a good backpack kid carrier to get off into the wilds but it’s still all possible! Kate,

    • Thanks! And my pleasure – thought it was a great idea for a book, as I don’t think I’ve seen any other similar guides. I’ll have to check your site out too. It’s nice to think there’s still options whether you’d rather have a stroll with a buggy or venture right out into the countryside though.

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