Posted by: MummyTravels | May 23, 2012

Bump in the sun

The sun is shining (in case you hadn’t noticed – or heard everyone getting overexcited). Which means I can finally start breaking out some of the summer maternity clothes I over-optimistically bought.

As my overseas trips have been off-limits for over a month (a month!), the new purchases which might otherwise have had an outing have been tucked away for sunnier days. For weeks. And weeks…

So far, here’s a few of my fave sunshiney failsafes:

  • Maxi-dresses. I’ve got a couple of jersey ones which aren’t actually from maternity ranges but skim happily over the bump and hide any puffy ankles – in fact Gap’s purple striped maxi dress, currently £24.99, looks a lot better than the black and white maternity version, which apparently made me look like a zebra. Same goes for Marks & Spencer’s pleated indigo maxi, £39.50, which I’m hoping will work nicely post-bump too.
  • Bright tops. As I’ve been all but living in jeans, it’s good to have something to brighten them up – like Gap’s striped wrap top, now £14.99, which is from their maternity range, and looks like it should stretch right through to 40 weeks. Maternity vests (from all and sundry) underneath some of my pre-maternity tops mean I can still get away with some of those too. Sadly Topshop’s coral maternity herringbone vest, £30, has a ridiculously right seam at the bottom, so unless you’ve still got snake hips – and I never had – it won’t fit.
  • Cropped cardigans. I’ve got a small collection in bright colours, mostly picked up on the cheap from New Look, Dorothy Perkins and George at Asda. As they’re cropped or shrug-style, they still work despite the bump as there’s no odd waistlines, and useful to have to hand when the clouds come over. This is the UK after all.

All I need to work out now is some summery trousers to go with my trusty jeans (latest pair, Mamas & Papas) and comfy yoga pants (Dotty Ps again)…

Image: toastycakes/Flickr


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