Posted by: MummyTravels | May 26, 2012

Putting The Body through its paces

As anyone who’s been reading will know, my maternity wardrobe has been a bit hit and miss over the months (thank god for jeans) – so when I was asked to review a new product called ‘The Body’, which promised to work as underwear, outerwear, support my bump and even work for yoga and Pilates, it sounded too good to be true.

Available in black and neutral, it’s actually more of a cross between support underwear and a long seamless strappy vest. And while it wasn’t quite the multitasking wonder I’d hoped, it’s certainly got more than a few pregnancy advantages.

Firstly, the clingy stretchy fabric is great for giving some support without any visible lines – although bump bands can be great, I’ve found they sometimes migrate throughout the day, and aren’t always invisible. The downside is that while it’s supportive, it’s tight enough to feel a bit restrictive after a little while. For a few hours, fine though.

I’m not convinced I’d wear it as a dress either – the spaghetti straps mean it’s a bit skimpier and more revealing than I’d like during pregnancy. And as it’s relatively long (when you’re 5ft 3 and a bit) coming down to just above my knees, I couldn’t have worn it under a short-ish dress without hitching it up slightly, and think it would be too constricting for a workout as it’s designed not to ride up.

But the black version did work really well layered under a black T-shirt, as a more supportive alternative to a vest, and if you wear a lot of dresses for work, this could be ideal.

I’m actually more intrigued to see how much I use it after pregnancy. It’s not a specific maternity product, although it obviously can work as one, but I can imagine it’s useful for smoothing out post-baby lumps and bumps when I’m no longer quite so keen to flaunt my tummy.

Available in four sizes covering 8-16 (I stuck to my normal pre-pregnancy size and that was fine), it costs £29.95 plus p&p from


Image: cscott2006/Flickr


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