Posted by: MummyTravels | May 27, 2012

Tales from a travelling mum

I’ve been making the most of the sunshine this weekend (please let it continue for my maternity leave) with some more tales of travelling mums – specifically, reading Alice Griffin’s Tales from a Travelling Mum.

Following some of her travels with her baby daughter, including short trips to Scandinavia and Greece as well as a longer jaunt across Europe in a camper van with her husband, the short chapters are written almost as if it were compiled from a series of blog posts – which makes it easy to dip in and out of, although the style does jar sometimes.

The focus is definitely on her personal experiences, leading to occasional frustrating moments when Alice talks about these without really explaining how she combined them with childcare. But the general message that babies and travel aren’t mutually exclusive is reassuring.

And I loved the extra four interviews with other parents at the end, all from very different viewpoints, including one mum whose husband’s job has taken her to far-flung places, a single mum who still found room for travel in her restricted budget, not to mention the lovely Linda Jones, mum of twins and driving force behind, who’s got some great advice on not overlooking the best of the UK.

If you’re looking for reviews of the best travel cots, this isn’t a guide to how to do it – while there is some practical advice on journeys with a baby, some already seems slightly out of date since publication in 2009. But for a sunny afternoon read, it’s a great reminder that parenting isn’t necessarily the end of packing a bag and setting off to explore


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