Posted by: MummyTravels | Jun 5, 2012

Why my favourite travel souvenirs are off-limits

I love bringing back souvenirs from my travels. One intricate brass lamp survived a plane journey back, plus seven house moves (so far), even if I still haven’t got around to putting a bulb in it. I even got banned from adding to my menagerie of carved wooden animals by my husband.

Yep, we’re not always talking high-class, beautifully crafted mementoes (although I do have some of those as well) – I’m as likely to pick up bargain bits and bobs that take my fancy, all scattered around the house to remind me of the places I’ve visited. But my favourite souvenirs are jewellery.

Whenever I’ve tried to buy clothes, it’s been a disaster. The kind of thing that looks fantastic on a beach tends to look ridiculous back in the grey UK. Scarves are about the only exception to that rule, including a deep blue silky one shot with gold thread, which I bought for a few pounds in Istanbul when I realised I’d forgotten to bring a head covering for any mosques. It folds up into almost nothing and has since become a travel staple.

But my favourite is rings. Again, we’re not talking precious stones, but random funky designs which I’ll wear day in and day out – quite apart from more exotic purchases, one swirly coral glass ring from a Belfast market and an ultra-bling sparkly one from a Leeds boutique have had more compliments than almost anything I own.

Sadly, they’re all off-limits for now. The recent hot weather, combined with the last month or so of pregnancy, means my fingers have puffed up just enough that if I ram them on, I might not get them off again. For now, I’ll just have to settle for the scarves…

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