Who is the travelling mummy?

I’m a 35-year-old travel-obsessed writer,who’s never knowingly underpacked. Published in a string of national papers and magazines, including the Independent, National Geographic Traveller, Top Sante, Red and Fabulous, I’m expecting my first baby and trying to work out how to be a mum and cling on to normal life by my fingernails. Don’t tell me it’s not possible…

I love travel. I really really love travel. I’ve visited more than 50 countries (still over 140 to go) and I’m lucky enough to have made it part of my job. I’m also lucky enough to be pregnant – but when I told everyone, they assumed that meant my passport would be packed away until I didn’t need a pushchair any more.

My instinctive reaction was to insist that I wasn’t about to put my suitcase into mothballs… even if realistically I know I’ll have to slow down a bit. But what’s the reality of travelling with a bump and a baby? From my experiences to useful paraphernalia and advice, that’s what I want to share with everyone on here.



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  1. Good luck with the blog Cathy, it’s looking great, even if you insist that’s not an actual monkey on your head. x

    • Thanks! Glad you like it. And *obviously* that’s a lemur 🙂

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