Posted by: MummyTravels | Mar 28, 2012

Enticing me out from behind the camera

I hate having my photo taken. Even my husband agrees that I’m not the most photogenic person (however lovely he says I look in real life). So I’m quite happy hiding behind the camera, especially if I have the pregnancy glow.

Put me in the sunshine and it’s even harder to entice me out. I’ve got the kind of hair that goes frizzy at even a sniff of humidity, skin which goes pink as soon as I think about sunshine, and the aforementioned ability to develop squints, double chins and a rictus grin when a lens is pointed at me.

So celebrity hairstylist Errol Douglas has his work cut out to persuade me I can look good in photos. Luckily he has a few foolproof tips.

•    Make sure the photographer shoots you from different angles – even just three quick clicks from centre, left and right will make a difference and give some more choice.
•    Sunsets are sexy – dusk is the perfect flattering light to make you look refreshed and rested.
•    Get your flash right – keep it off at night, on in the day. Sounds counterintuitive but he says that using a flash indoors is most likely to give you red eye and bathe you in a harsh cold light. However, using it outdoors in the daytime means it’ll eliminate or reduce shadows on your face.
•    Do your prep – if you’re going to colour pre-departure, do it at least a fortnight before to stop the sun leaving it looking washed out. Don’t get carried away with too much product but do protect against salt and chlorine, pack a frizz fighter and wash your hair in cool water to avoid an overstimulated greasy scalp.
•    Keep it simple – if your hair is longer than mine, put it up.

And if all else fails, you can try one trick I discovered in Madagascar, after my baggage (including every hair product I’d packed) got delayed. Put your sunglasses on your head, and before too long a curious lemur will be perched up there trying to work them out. Instant bad hair day disguise.


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